To donate to the Willowdale  NDP Electoral District Association click on DONATE Federal EDA or contact us from the Get Involved menu above. To Donate to the Willowdale Provincial Association, click on DONATE Provincial CA . If you would like to donate by cheque, contact us by email at We will be happy to pick up your cheque.

Donations of up to $400 will give you a tax rebate of 75% of the donation taken directly off your taxes owing! This very generous rebate is to encourage people to get involved and support political parties. A donation of $200 will only cost you $50! For contributions above $400 the percentage rebate on the upper portion is less. Federally the maximum contribution for an individual to an EDA is $1575 (In total to all the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of each registered party). Provincially as of January 2018 the upper limit is $1222 to an association and to a candidate.

Political parties, Constituency Associations (provincial CAs) and Electoral District Associations (federal EDAs) all depend on donations for their daily operations and to run elections. In the past at the federal level, parties received funds from taxpayers via the government, based on the number of votes received in the last election. The Conservative Government phased this out and all parties are totally dependent on contributions, as are associations at the local level! At the provincial level the Liberals have As you can see below, there are many ways to donate to support the NDP. Each of these ways is important. Your local CA and EDA can’t function without funds. The NDP at both the federal and provincial levels can’t function without donations and we can’t run effective elections at any level without donations. Donation TypesGenerous tax breaks at make the pain of contributions more bearable. Like taxation, donations to political entities are an important part of our responsibilities as citizens in a democracy. Please contribute as generously as you can. You can donate to Willowdale as above and to the parties through the federal and provincial web sites.  At election time the local associations will be calling you to ask for  your financial support. We can’t function without that support!