“We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the last federal elections conducted under the first-past-the-post system.” – Liberal Party Platform 2015 and many many speeches by Justin Trudeau.

That didn’t work out too well! The Liberals rejected the all-party Parliamentary committee recommendations about electoral reform for Canada and has decided not to proceed with electoral reform. A promise broken! Many people were upset by this and hopefully it will cost the Liberals votes in the next election. In the meantime we are still stuck with our FPTP system.

However let’s not give up hope and let’s continue to work for electoral reform and in particular for a proportional voting system. Fairvote.ca is still working hard on this and have held rallies and have a very active Facebook page. They need our support.

Another area of electoral reform is at the municipality level. In May 1, 2017 London Ontario abandoned a first past the post system and moved to ranked ballot system of voting. It is a good step for government at the municipal level. Toronto unfortunately rejected this in December 2016. Unlock Democracy Canada is an non-partisan organization supporting democratic renewal and political transformation.

What would you prefer? – PR proportional representation, MMP Mixed Member Proportional Representation, STV Single Transferrable Vote or some other mode?

Would you like to know more about the different options and how they work? If you do, there are a great many resources available on the web as shown below. The NDP is pushing for a Mixed Proportional System. Watch the Craig Scott video on MMP. (fairly lengthy)

A great resource is Live Vote Ca. On their web site they have some good explanations of the options and links to resources and related videos – a cute one on ordering pizza.

Several excellent videos by CGP Grey and Irish American producer of educational entertainment videos on You Tube are worth watching.

STV: Single Transferrable Vote

MMP Mixed Member Proportional Representation

If you prefer to read a paper,  you could look at the Alberta Democratic Renewal Project Paper: Back To The Future? Proportional Representation in Alberta and Canada. It is very comprehensive. Appendix A  in the paper outlines very clearly how the options would work – showing ballots etc.

You might like an old John Cleese video – John Cleese Explains Proportional Representation. It is a bit dated. There are many many videos on this topic on You Tube.