The NDP Convention 2018 was February 16 to 18 with a Youth Convention February 15.

Willowdale sent three delegates to the convention. Delegates were selected at a general membership meeting on Dec. 12, 2017.

Here is a point-form rundown of events

  • Resolution calling for boycott of goods from the Occupied Territories was ranked too low to make it to the floor.
  • Resolution to re-establish diplomatic ties with Iran was ranked #7, but there was insufficient time to have it debated.
  • Motion was passed calling for democratization of the resolution ranking process.
  • Also passed were resolutions on Dental and Pharma care, and free tuition.
  • Emergency resolution passed supporting the #MeToo Movement.
  • Passed that NAFTA’s Chapter 11 should not supersede environment and labour rights.
  • LEAP did not come to the floor of the Convention.
  • Good speeches by Singh and Broadbent.
  • This was the youngest, most diverse and largest ONDP Convention yet.
  • New executive were elected; a number were Head Office or MP staffers

For more details on the convention visit the convention web site at (The site contains links to the Constitution, the Policy Book and the resolutions procedure.)