JoinBe part of a growing body of Canadians who support the New Democratic Party in building a green, prosperous and equitable Canada where no one is left behind.

When you join the NDP you join both the new Democratic party of Ontario and the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Membership graphic

To actually join the NDP you can go to either the Federal NDP web site or the Ontario NDP web site. Membership in Ontario costs from $5 (unemployed) to $25 for regular membership. This can be paid annually or you can pay via the “hassle free monthly” plan. This is to encourage you to give a monthly amount, which will include a donation as well as the membership amount. Contributions above the $25 allow you to have a tax credit of 75% for contributions up to $372 and lesser amount for contributions above $372. For example if you went with the hassle free monthly at $10/month you would get a tax credit of $71.25, meaning that your membership and your donation would only cost you $48.75 for the year.This is a great value and really helps the party with funds needed to run the organization and to run elections. Part of this contribution at the provincial level goes to the local Constituency Association.  If on either site you simply make a donation you will receive a tax credit, but it does not go towards a membership unless you actually join.

If you would like more detailed information about the NDP please view or download this PDF. NDP Structure.