Our Annual General Meeting was held at 7:00 pm on March 23, 2017 at the Edithvale Community Centre on Finch Avenue.  It was a joint meeting of the Willowdale Federal NDP Electoral District Association (EDA) and the Willowdale Provincial NDP Constituency Association (CA).

Brian Mclean made a brief presentation on the consultation by Heritage Canada on Canadian Content in a Digital World. The consultation looked how we can strengthen the creation and distribution of Canadian cultural content in various platforms to Canadians and beyond. He focussed on suggested changes to the CBC its legislative framework and role. A discussion ensued looking at these issues. This is something that we need to follow as it moves to legislation in succeeding years.

Mary Ellen Lawless read out two quotations from the speaker notes by Tommy Douglas when he became the leader of the NDP at its founding in 1961. The ensuing discussion was spirited focussing on our capacity to meet the challenges of the times, precarious work, cynicism, fire to get things done, young people, how to deal with inequality and income distribution.

Pouyan Tabasinejad our president presented his report followed by financial reports by the provincial and federal financial officers. From a financial point of view we need to seek donations from members to finance the EDA and CA in preparation for upcoming elections, most notably the 2018 Provincial Election scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

In the elections for the executive Pouyan was elected as president. Not all positions were filled and we still need members to fill Member at Large positions. If you are an NDP member in Willowdale and interested in being part of the executive, please email us as below

We are always looking for members to join our executive. Interested? – email us at admin@willowdalendp.ca

Federal Executive Positions Provincial Executive Positions
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Vice-President: Vice-President:
Secretary:  Secretary: 
Chief Financial Agent:  Chief Financial Officer:
Member at Large (max 6): Member at Large (max 6):
Membership Organizer: Membership Organizer:
Women’s Representative: Women’s Representative and Disability Rights:
Youth Organizer: Youth Organizer:
Prov. Council Delegate (F)
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